Moss Research - eco-flex surfboards

AO Twin Keel

This ain’t your daddy’s yard sale “fish” – our modified foils and curve keep things futuristic. On the flip side of the flat flex-deck is a boat hull bottom-entry for lift and a single-barrel venturi exit out the back. Cut away wood keels with inside foil-age alleviate cavitation and hold you in the face at mach-glide. This is the most maneuverable, friction-free fin board we make for 2 – 10’ clean faces.

Available in all templates up to overhead.

Tail: a crescent works the best.


Spacecake Single Fin

Straight from outer space, this old-schooloutline has futuristic bottom contours, rails, and rocker. The forward width, full volume and relaxed tail rocker generates speed instantly. The tail features Moss signature, fluted wing-pin and flex fin, delivering responsiveness and control, unparalleled by any other single fin. The Spacecake links sections, draws beautiful lines, and glides you out of deep tubes. Classic paddle and trim with shortboard capabilities.

Excels in knee-high mush and is solid up to double over-head with skill.

Tails: wing-pin, wing-swallow, wing-asymmetrical.

Available up to a 9’0″ rhino chaser.


Spacecake Twinny – twin-fin + trailer

Similar hull principals to the Spacecake single-fin, but with a skatier feel for skilled, performance surfing. This ultra-fast and maneuverable surfboard comes standard with a fluted wing swallow or round tail and two removable rear keels. One of the most versatile boards in the collection, excelling in a range of conditions.

Order this board 2-4″ shorter than your normal short board for small to overhead conditions.

Tails: winged-pin, winged-round, winged-swallow, asymmetrical.


JM-SVT -Three Fin Shortboard

This is our most universal shortboard, a combination of the JM-F and the JM-FS, recommended for advanced surfers. Single concave flows into a double concave/vee combo through the fins and out the tail. The wide point is pulled back slightly for a full, curvy outline with a wider tail block. This board builds speed instantly off the front foot and allows for explosive back-footed moves.

Choose your template for small, average or over-head conditions.

Tails: rounded-pin, squash, crescent, or asymmetrical.


Koi – Three or Four Fin

We consider this our Southern California shortboard for small to medium fun surf. Low rocker and a full outline provide quick entry into conditions knee-high to a few feet over-head. The Koi carries speed in gutless conditions and fits into small pockets, allowing for quick directional changes. Features a single/double concave combo with a vee exit off the tail.

Order the Koi 4-5″ shorter, 3/4″ wider, and 1/4″ thicker than your standard short board.

Tails: swallow, squash, round, or asymmetrical.



A utilitarian craft, the Shapeshifter draws from the finer elements of the SpacecakeKoi, and Glider templates providing universal performance. This compact board adapts and morphs to fit almost any situations or mood. It features a smooth, elliptical outline, contemporary rocker, wing pin tail and subtle bottom contours. Ride it as a single fin, 1+2, tri, quad or other… Keep your game fresh and ever mysterious with perhaps the most multi-faceted, relieable travel board ever.

Available in a range of outlines for small to overhead surf.

Tails: wing-pin, wing diamond, round pin or asymmetrical