Inspired by the individualized experience, Moss Surfboards is a departure from the toxic disposable manufacture still present in today’s market. Our company was founded on one fundamental; the ever-present need for boards tailored to each surfer’s unique approach, a callback to the origins of surfing through the art of personalizing surfboards.

We are a grassroots organization with global reach committed to the highest performance, whose mission is to minimize environmental impact by innovating and implementing the most sustainable practices possible.


  • To remain at the forefront of surfing’s evolution by creating the ideal ride through intuitive board design
  • To create individualized surfboards for surfers of all type, and skill level
  • To select the highest-grade eco-materials in equilibrium of flex, performance and durability
  • To minimize risks to human beings and the environment caused by company operations
  • To foster consumer consciousness through education of sustainable manufacturing and business practices
  • To preserve our environment through action, contribution, and collaboration
  • To incorporate transparent business practices
  • To support our domestic economy and supply chain
  • To insist upon fair trade, wages, and working conditions
  • To support local craftsman and independent artists
  • To transcend the status-quo and all mediocrity found in the marketplace

Our passion is to fulfill the imaginative headspace of individual wave riders in the form of unique and functional craft. We are dedicated to making it a sustainable practice. Our ongoing commitment is to research and implement alternative materials that minimize environmental and human impact while improving the performance and longevity of our equipment. With an open-minded approach, our passion is to push the limits of design while remaining at the forefront of the sustainable surfing movement.