The Moss Research Team

Jake Moss

Owner and Founder

Jake began his creative journey in surfboard design over 15 years ago, based out of Encinitas, California. He has upwards of 4000 boards circulating the high seas, ranging from his multi-functional thruster alternatives to his most sought after “Spacecake” single fin. His reputation holds him as one of the most versatile shapers of all time, crafting with the eye and workmanship of a true artist, matched with his scientific design process. With the knowledge of over two decades worth of surfing experiences, his design anthology is carefully cataloged and continually evolving leading the development of sustainable surfing.


Patrick Quealy


Patrick grew up surfing Sunset Cliffs and building boards in the epicenter of surfboard innovation. He crafted his first boards in the garage with his dad as a youth. This hooked him into building boards professionally for over 14 years. Pat has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best and most innovative board builders in the industry, and has refined his skills under the tutelage of George Gall of Plus One Surfboards.┬áPat’s technical background in Computer Arts and Science from UCSD, attributes to his precision approach to surfboard construction.

“Crafting beautiful, well-functioning surfboards and understanding the material processes from start to finish is what I strive for. A surfboard should be an extension of your mind and body, and it should reflect the vision and ability of the rider.”

Pat has become part of the rich surfing and board building heritage of San Diego, and now finds his niche in crafting precision, eco-friendly boards under Moss Research and Aquatic Oddities.

erik derman

Erik Derman

Growing up in coastal, North San Diego County, Erik discovered surfing at a young age. His desire to capture the essence of the surfing experience and aquatic environments lead him to experiment shooting video with friends and to later pursue a career in film making. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photograph, Santa Barbara in 2004, Erik Traveled, surfed and shot video with friends (artists, standout and professional surfers) opening him up to commercial work in action sports. After gaining experience working with many top film-makers, Erik now finds his passion in collaborating and helping communicate the vision of AQUATIC ODDITIES.

“My mission is to thread language using visual media, painting and graphic interface in ways which connect the natural environment, the culture and artistic expression of our brand and lifestyle.”