Moss Research Sustainability Report

Upon making the decision in 2008 to manufacture only sustainable, eco-friendly surfboards, Moss Research founder Jake Moss was experimenting with many different building materials that had been coined “eco-friendly”. In 2010, upon settling on a few “eco” materials that were the best in terms of performance and longevity, Moss had the opportunity to present his findings to Tobias Schultz to evaluate the sustainability of Moss Research surfboards.

Tobias Schultz, a graduate from UC Berkely with a master’s in mechanical engineering and a certificate in Engineering and Business for Sustainability, is the author of “Surfboard Cradle-to-Grave”: An in depth comprehensive study on the carbon footprint of surfers, and environmental, social and economic implications of traditional surfboard manufacture, which he published in 2009.

By evaluating Moss Research surfboards and the manufacturing process used he created a benchmark for what an eco board is, and what goes into making one the right way. The sustainability report evaluates performance and longevity of the eco-stick. The sustainability metrics are based upon environmental and human health, social, and financial impacts.

Moss Research is the only surfboard manufacturer thus far that has gone to these lengths to prove their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly surfboard manufacture. Please click the link below to read our Sustainability report that is still valid to this day.

Moss Research Eco-Stick 2011 – Endorsement and Sustainability Report