Moss Research

Surfboards for a shared planet

Since 1998, the Moss Research vision has remained the same, to create the ideal surfing experience through intuitive and dynamic design. Our purpose as craftsmen, is to provide our customers with the highest level of performance and reliability; this should not come at an expense to human health or the environment. The historical model of toxic and disposable, petrochemical-based surfboard manufacturing is outdated, un-sustainable and increasingly obsolete. As an environmentally dependent global surfing community of 16 million and growing, it is imperative we become the catalyst for change by supporting sustainable practices, conscious consumerism and local industry.

Moss Research Surfboards is a grassroots organization with global reach, committed to producing the highest quality products, whose mission is to minimize our environmental impact by innovating and implementing the most sustainable practices possible. Thus, we only build surf-crafts the eco-friendly way. By utilizing our close relationships and feedback from brand ambassadors and professional test pilots, we implement a manufacturing process that balances our core values of sustainability and our devotion to achieving the highest level of performance. Support healthy environments and healthy systems while taking your surfing to new levels of stoke and sustainability.