VIDEO: The Eco-Flex Process: A Better Way is in the Making…


From the waste-bin to the waves, join master shaper and Moss-Research Founder Jake Moss as he explains his revolutionary Eco-Flex surfboard manufacturing process. Creating the next generation of eco-friendly surfboards for a shared planet.

“When we started experimenting with alternative materials and non-conventional shapes in 2008 our mantra was anything goes,” Moss explains. “All we knew was that there had to be a better, healthier more environmentally conscious and creatively expressive way to design and produce surfboards.” The goal: To build high performance surfboards that are less toxic to the craftsmen who make them and more sustainable for the coastal environment that inspires every surfer. “We tested materials from Paulownia wood to Bamboo, hemp fabric, sugar cane and recycled foam while using bio-epoxy resin made with pinesap,” Moss says, “continually refining and tweaking the manufacturing process for over 4 years.” The result is the Eco-Flex Surfboard. A superior, customizable hand-shaped board that is 75% cleaner, 30% lighter and lasts twice as long as industry standard Polyurethane/Polyester construction.

Since they were first released to the market in 2011, Eco-Flex surfboards have become the vanguard of a growing surfboard re-evolution focused on the development of an increasingly environmentally conscious, high performance surf-craft.

“Beyond experimenting with different designs and materials, Eco-Flex is re-thinking the entire surfboard production process, we’re committed to producing the most eco-friendly surfboards possible” Moss says. Awarded a Gold-level endorsement from a leading third party sustainability and life cycle analyst -an industry first for surfboard manufacturers- Eco-Flex is constantly working to improve the process. Leading the way forward and putting pressure on an entire industry to change. The choice is simple. Eco-Flex Surfboards are lighter, stronger, cleaner and a better value. “As surfers,” Moss says, “we’re shepherds of the ocean and I believe we all need to get together and make a difference.”

Thank you for joining Eco-Flex on this journey towards a 100% recyclable surfboard. We’re excited about what the future holds and look forward to working with you to make it happen.

[Video edited by Erik Derman, shot entirely on GoPro Cameras.]

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  1. I bought your Spacecake Single on Craigs list. It had been modified by the guy I bought it from with 2 side trailers …Changed my life . Absolutely love it, perfect for the point break setups here in Kona… Need another one soon, most likely this summer!! I ride it in 2 foot to 8 foot Hawaiian and it never lets me down. Keep it up bradda.. ALOHA!!


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